Dynamic Body Balancing - Techniques in
CranioSacral Therapy and Myofascial Unwinding
Curriculum Vitae


                                   Carol J. Phillips B.A., D.C. 
                                     977 Mount Holly Dr.
                                   Annapolis, MD 21409

1991  B.A. Metro State University 
         Human Service Administration
1987 D.C. Palmer College of Chiropractic      
1981 A.A. Pikes Peak Community College 
        Child  Development


1998 – 1993 Associate Professor in Pediatrics
           Northwestern College of Chiropractic
1991 – Present  
          Twelve-Hour Postgraduate Seminars
           Twenty-Hour Workshop Series

1988 - 1989      Private Practice in Santa Clara, CA
1989 - 1993     NHSU Clinician
1993 - 2004      Private Practice in Minneapolis, MN 
2005 – Present  Private Practice in Annapolis, MD



1. ICA International Pediatric Conference
Care of a Special Needs Child: A single case report -   1993
2.  ICSM Research Conference
Chiropractic Care, Including Craniosacral Therapy,      During Pregnancy: A static-group comparison of obstetric interventions during labor and delivery. - 1993
3. Congress of Chiropractic Educators
Pediatric Training in the College Setting -1992
4. ICA International Pediatric Conference ADD/ADHD: Single case report - 1991
5. Congress of Chiropractic Educators: Proposal on Advanced Pediatric Training –1990


1.      Contributing Author, PediatricChiropractic. Williams and Wilkins Chapter 10: Craniosacral Therapy. 1998:424-454
2.     An Effective Drug-Free Approach to Premature Contractions. ICA Review Oct 98: 77-81
3.     Back Labor: A Possible Solution for a Painful
Situation. ICA Review  July/August 97: 51-55
4.     Birth Trauma-Antibiotic Abuse-Vaccine Reaction: A Single Case Report ICA Review. Sept/0ct96: 57-64
5.     Chiropractic Care, Including Craniosacral Therapy, During Pregnancy: A Static-group Comparison of Obstetric Interventions During Labor and Delivery. JMPT Oct 95; 18,8: 525-529


1.      Owner and Founder of New Dawn Publishing
2.       Author, Hands of Love: Seven Steps to the Miracle of Birth. 2001
3.       Exe. Producer of Hands of Love: Witnessing the Miracle of Birth. 2002
4.       Exe. Producer of Craniosacral/Myofascial Therapy: 6-Hr Training 2002
5.       Exe. Producer of Prenatal Chiropractic Protocol: 1 Hr. Training   2003

Assistant Instructor

Bruce has been training under Dr. Carol Phillips since 2004 in Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Unwinding techniques. He has completed CST Levels I and II with the Upledger Institute, Advanced training in Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K) and is a Certified Rolfer. 
Bruce and Carol work in their home clinic in Annapolis, MD.
information at:
Performance Body Balancing.com

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